Issue 1, 2009

Journal of The International Association of Transdisciplinary Psychology

Volume 1, Issue 1
May 2009

From the Stoics to Onco-Ontology: A Few Considerations Toward an Ontology Based on Cancer
Kane X. Faucher
, Canada

Kane X. Faucher (BA, MA, Ph.D) (1977- ) was born in Ottawa, Canada. His activities span academic and creative projects, most notably in writing, continental theory, visual art, and music. He has a doctorate in Theory and Criticism, as well as two degrees in philosophy. He has published over 500 pieces in several journals, magazines, anthologies, and books.  He currently lives and works in London, Canada. 
Jeremy FernandoSingapore

Jeremy Fernando is a Teaching Fellow at the English Division of the School of Humanities and Social Science, Nanyang Technological University.  He received an MA in Media Philosophy from the European Graduate School where Avital Ronell and Werner Hamacher are his mentors, and an MA in English Literature from Nanyang Technological University.  He is the author of Reflections on (T)error and is currently based in Singapore.


Beth H. Lavine

Beth H. Lavine is a native New Yorker, a graduate of Hunter College with an M.A. in English from Bryn Mawr College (resident graduate scholar). For eight years she was Health & Beauty Editor and general features writer at Seventeen Magazine and script writer for the World Broadcasting System. Upon marriage, she moved to Trenton, New Jersey, and became Community Relations Director at Helene Fuld Medical Center, winning first prize for hospital public relations. FOr eight years she was publicist for the New Jersey State Opera and the Department of Reading of Trenton public schools. Her family history entitled “The Fourth Floor” is in the New Jersey State Library, the closed-stack section of the New York Public Library, the library of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Princeton’s Firestone Library, and the Library of Congress. She taught the GED program at Mercer County College and at present is an English tutor at the college’s Kerney campus learning center.


Prime Numbers: Enigma Variations and Arthur Koestler’s Window on Infinity

Henry Innes MacAdam, United States

Henry MacAdam traces his ancestry to Ireland and Scotland and his family home to the Catskill Mountain region of New York State. For many decades he lived abroad, especially in Lebanon, where he taught in the Department of History and Archaeology at the American University of Beirut. He has published two books and 75 articles on subjects ranging from ancient history and culture to epigraphy, numismatics, children’s literature, biography, historical geography, local New Jersey history, and New Testament studies. Since 1986 central New Jersey has been home. He has taught Humanities (World History; Sociology; Film & Literature; Professional Writing; Poetry; and Technology, Society & Culture) at several area institutions. He is currently Adjunct Prof. of Humanities at DeVry University.


Self Portrait
Lara Martina, Canada

Lara Martina, BA Ed, BFA, MA, PhD Candidate at the European Graduate School. Her research interests are Diaspora subjects of Eastern Canada; Space & Time Ideological and Vernacular, Issues of Culture & Identity;Culture & tradition;History & Landscape;Interpretation of Cultural Identity. She lives in Nova Scotia & divides her time between art, research and farming. / “Gravely Speaking”


The Philosophical Absence in Psychoanalytic Ontology: Becoming, Abandoned
James Rugby, United States
James Rugby was born in the United States and studied throughout the States and Europe at various institutions including Stanford University and The European Graduate School. He currently lives in New York City and teaches special education in Harlem.


Children at the ZPD Threshold: The Role of Experts in Literacy Acquisition
Andrew Spano
, United States
Andrew Spano’s twenty-years of teaching and in professional communications make him uniquely suited to help students from many disciplines and cultures. With a master’s degree in English from the University of Vermont (where he was a Graduate Teaching Fellow), he has taught ESL, writing, literature, journalism, telecommunications, mass media, advertising, public relations, photography, education, and psycholinguistics at eight colleges and universities. In addition, he has studied creative writing and taught expository writing at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (Where he was a Teaching Assistant), and studied English Renaissance literature at the University of Oxford, England. His media experience includes ten years as a full-time journalist at a dozen newspapers and magazines for which he has written and edited thousands of articles and taken hundreds of published photographs. His academic work and poetry has appeared in respected journals and magazines and in a chapter for a book about China. He has published numerous poems and won five journalism awards. In addition he is a mathematics contributor to Wikipedia. Mr. Spano is a Ph.D. candidate in media and Continental philosophy at the European Graduate School (EGS) in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, where he has completed one year of his degree, and is a June 2009 New York City Teaching Fellow, scheduled to begin his M.Ed. in September of that year as well as teaching in a High Needs public school as an ESL specialist.


Brian Willems, Croatia

Brian Willems teaches literature at the University of Split, Croatia. He is the author of Hopkins and Heidegger (Continuum, forthcoming 2009).

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